Wednesday, June 14, 2017

May 2017

May started in Country NSW on the farm, after a great Market in Coonamble on the Saturday, some play time with Chooky on Sunday in the chookshed (aka sewing shed). I enjoyed being the farmers helper baking treats for the shearers in the shed and delivering them. Whilst Donna was at work, I also got to stitch and read, and just enjoy the bliss of a city mouse on a farm. Brian played farmer, rounding up the sheep and helping out in the shearers shed... think he still looks like city slicker, playing farmer though. 

Back home in the big smoke again and it was custom orders, coffee dates and stunning blooms.

My one and only bloom didn't compare to the garden full in Neutral Bay

Then there was the beginning of the big move, my office/sewing room is moving upstairs. So whilst, hubby got to lining s few walls with pallets... a design feature. I had to sort and sift, and refold, from drawers to baskets. It's certainly not a quick job it will take more than the month. Watch for more updates. I did sneak in a bit of reading daily and finished reading Big Little Lies. And my new Machine moved into her new home... 

Then it was time to get the boys on board with a Whole 30 challenge... no dairy, now gluten, no sugar and that means no alcohol...oops we lasted about 10 days. Chooky and Mr Chooky arriving, it was time to open some wine. Well it was an easy excuse.. but seriously the eating side isn't too bad and the boys are trying. 

Mother's day, Baked treats, lots of cooking, sadly no photos 15 for breakfast family, friends, and then the day just somehow got a little messy, we shouldn't have brought out the drinking Jenga.

These muffins, I will cook again, they were Gluten-free choc Raspberry Muffins from the here. I tweaked, to use my dairy free choc chips, Coconut Yoghurt. So almost clean eating involved in this one.
On May 19 I started with Betty Rocker's 30 day challenge, I knew that some days I wouldn't have wifi but I figured I would just walk those days, so it may be more than 30 days for me but I am rocking it out doing that 15 minutes a day. Working and sweating hard. 

Which has lead to more walks in the Autumn sunshine, enjoying more coffee dates too... all walks seem to lead to a coffee break.

 Lucy, grew more in May, but she also met her competition, Down the Rabbit hole which is a BOM that I am doing with Sarah Fielke.

 Somebody had a birthday, so walks to family lunch at Shelly Beach Boat Shed... can't go past that bucket of prawns... but somebody did note, he was bloated after all that bread... so he is learning how that feels, so he must have had enough Gluten free days for it to make a difference.

 My body, is learning to fight off colds... my supplements help, what would have taken me weeks to get rid of was gone in a few days, I have learnt to rest when my body says rest....

Those walks we are taking, mean we are seeing both sunsets and sunrises.... and they really are just special parts to the day. 

I have learnt this month that sometimes we have to be the rainbow in someone else's cloud.

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