Thursday, January 31, 2013

Handmade with love

Early January was a busy stitching time for me. I am hoping that it will continue in this fashion all year, I've loved being at the machine again.

It's taken a long time in the making well the process of purchasing the pattern and fabric in February 2011, on a visit to my soul sista! So now I put up my hand and admit that I'm a cut and go girl preferring to design my own patterns, as working from a pattern scares me. The actual bag only took a couple of hours to make! But the procrastinating from me regarding the pattern!

Of course make one mean's I do two with slight colour change! And then I can't stick to a pattern completely either so we have extra top stitching which I thinks helps to support the bag more.

Posting this blog post from Melbourne - I'm heading home with the below colour way of fabric for another version lets see how long that takes me :)

And then to complete my gift, matching accessories were needed - so the glasses case was made

Then it was iPad covers, matching for the gift, and mine is in the tilda fabrics I love

The completed matching gift set, bag, iPad cover and glasses pouch.


  1. very nice all of the them. can't wait to see the new colour combo

  2. Great ipad covers


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