Friday, January 04, 2013

Facebook - Placemat Quilting Swap

Ok, well I may be a glutton for the sewing machine, but I am going to try to do a few more swaps this year. I really do enjoy doing them. And well, I am also thinking sometimes they will be perfect gifts for my presents box.

So, January 1 and I signed up with the Facebook - Placemat Quilting Swap.

I am required to make 6 placemats 18 inches x 12 inches out of a particular colour way

Violet/purple - Jacqui
Indigo/blue - Sonia

my colour  inspiration image....loving this one.

Green - Kerry
Yellow - Elizabeth
Orange - Elizabeth
Red - Sonia

my colour inspiration

Come March, I will receive ... yes you can see my name twice. I will receive two sets of 6 rainbow 
placemats. One to keep and one to give as a gift I am thinking.

I was inspired by the below Pinterest link from this blog, to create my red placemats.

It was more the beautiful Moda Vintage Modern fabric I think that drew me in, as it's what I used recently when I designed my Chevron Runner Pattern

Not bad for one days work....and then after spending time blogging and surfing for inspiration again.....for my blue mats, instead of stitching.....  
I really liked the different sized strips of this  one,

and thought I use that inspiration with my colour selection below and use the quilt as you go method to create my indigo/blue place I am off to cut and stitch with what's left of the afternoon/evening

 Be back soon with some finished items pictures....

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