Wednesday, October 19, 2005

IKEA - build - create - inspired

Well do you recall that - i have been planning and sorting my croproom at home Well yesterday we had a trip to IKEA - I just love the inspirational ideas i get when there- so needless to say i came home all excited and took myself straight back to year 9 woodwork classes with these nifty little purchases. That come flat packed and ready to construct with screws and nails - boy did i have fun - hubby even tried to take pictures - LOL
Got hubby on the painting the cases whilst we watched all saints together - after i was told no more hammering - only parts are screwed together so I have built my outsides - still have 18 small drawers To go - but that's a job for when there are no sleeping children.

I did one of the female driver things that my hubby hates - which i really never do - but was dreaming on the way back from ikea as to how i would perhaps use paper to cover my draw fronts and the like (only a scrapper could understand my train of thought whilst driving and missing turn offs home)

But whilst unpacking all this new Making Memories Vintage Hip product today - my decision is made - only now to find time to complete the assembly and then i will photograph and share with you - I just wish there were more hours in the day - I am in the i want it finished now mood - but alas am too tired - so home to bed -

night night - sleep tight. ok - well and truly (?>>>edited -) - blogger is not allowing me to be excited and load the images - have sat now for 20mins and am going home to bed - well pictures will have to wait till tomorrow when i am not so tired and frustrated.

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