Friday, June 02, 2017

March 2017

March Arrives.... and I can see the changes in my lifestyle, reflected in my face and my heart.  This quote was one of my first photos in March... it summed up how I was feeling. Some days life is hard... but I smile and move on.

 Then with Markets booked coming up, it was time to get hooking and creating for easter orders...

 Peter Pan said " Come with me, where dreams are born and time is never planned" This is how the rest of March felt, with lots of adventures... the highlight being our Christmas Gift from our little girl and her man. A weekend in the city, with all that entails... and of the best part ADELE in concert... OH it was AMAZING.


Ended that amazing weekend having brunch with Chooky...our first in many this year I think (wink)- It was funny our texts on opposite sides of the arena during the Adele concert, it was amazing to think that record crowds over 95,000 and I knew a couple of those.
I missed my boy, but lived through his not so regular facebook messages and photos. Eiffel Tower photo.

Lucy started to get wings, well I started to add the border pieces as I am going now, so I will have to go back and work on the ones I have already done.. but it is nice to see it grow like this now.
The reading continued, "Stolen bodies working stolen land. It was an engine that did not stop, its hungry boiler fed with blood.” can totally recommend this one. The boy came home, and so did the chef stylised dinners.... sweet potato noodles, with chilli prawns... Oh my this one is a cook again, super quick and super tasty.
 Then we got on the road, for the first of our Country Market trips this year, we headed out to Coonamble. for the Coonamble Ag Field Day. It amazes me as we travel out in the country how quickly the land and weather changes... from black storms and rain we couldn't see to drive.. we actually had to stop. 10 minutes later back on the road and the blue skies were back.

 I got to visit with the wonderful Chooky - travelling in her car made me smile at this little tray of clipped bits, her trimmings from projects worked in the car.

  Lucy got worked on in the chookshed. and we enjoyed a few days in each other's company. Just bliss. This city mouse quiet enjoys her visits to the country.

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  1. the first of numerous catchups this's been so much please to see Lucy growing......

    1. I am certainly loving the fun we are having.... you may make a country mouse out of this city mouse yet!!!


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