Thursday, October 13, 2016

Social Soup # SpringCiderSessions

Well it's Social Soup time again, this time I received Two 6 packs of Spring Cider Co Cider. One of the above photographed Apple and Pomegranate and the other just straight Apple. It sat in the fridge for a few days getting cold, then after a day of washing cars and painting parts of the house, I rewarded the family with a bit of a BBQ, chill out and ciders... the reviews.

We all enjoyed the lightness of the Apple and felt it was like drinking a light beer. the Apple and Pomegranate however was just too sweet for us. 

At about $16 for a six pack its not bad sensible summer beverage that combines apple cider with soda water to create a crisp and refreshing cider and only half a standard drink per bottle is great when drinking responsibly.

Thanks Social Soup and @springciderco #SpringCiderSessions 

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