Thursday, October 13, 2016

Adventure Always

Sometimes, we learn the simple things in the most weirdest of places. A simple Roadtrip to collect some vintage items to flip for our coming markets, ended in a wonderful overnight adventure with my daughter and her boyfriend. Lots of hours in the car together, led to loads of laughter and bonding.

Bathurst vintage buildings {heart}
This man drives my heart and fills my life with pleasurable moments.

When you find out that your daughters boyfriend shares some of the similar quirks her father does.. makes my heart smile... oh and MOOO

The Treasure trove of Molong... lots of rusty pieces where purchased and returned home on the roof of the car... future posts will reveal all.
Beautiful green countryside!!! 
After a lovely lunch in Orange, a few beers in Bathurst, an early night in the pub... we were up and decided a quick trip to Milthorpe and then home... lots of pretty things to see.

Can't not take another photo here.. love this location. Lithgow!!
Time for a spot of lunch, The Hydro Majestic.. a glass of wine and some cheese yes please... accompanied by dragons and dumplings... that would be the moon festival... 

sneaky photos of Luke Nguyen at his book signing
Enjoy life... ALWAYS!!!


  1. little country towns have lots of great stuff.........

    1. I love my trips out into the country finding treasures... Looking forward to hitting the road for 5 days on the weekend. Country market and lots of treasure hunting time.


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