Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Farewell February

Crazy weather, heat, humidity and storms. At least the gardens loving it

The work orders have began creeping back in with markets being booked.

Lots of baking, and preparation is the key to healthy eating so I've been trying to be organised.
February the month of love, not only Valentine's Day but our wedding anniversary falls in this month.
Valentine's Day and hubby was ill, seems a strange heat rash, as was diagnosed after a hospital visit and 2 GP appointments. 
So keeping cool was in order. We did head to balmoral late for a walk and a swim with a picnic dinner and managed to catch bard in the park with a hamlet performance.
We celebrated 27years with a ferry ride and dinner in the city. Dining at Ananas. ( ) 
I've managed to complete my first book of the year, aiming to pick up books more often the year. I've missed getting lost in the pages of a good book.
We returned to Wilton Markets and had an awesome day, seeing our regulars and having great happy customers.
I'm now making it to Pilates twice a week with most weeks seeing a walk and a swim, trying to achieve my 30 minutes a day at least 4-5 times a week. And I'm seeing results so that's a win.
Friday night stitch ins are becoming a regular - drinking and trashy tv glad I live my own company.
Which means secret seeing projects are being completed as well as lots of Lucy

Thanks February, roll on March.
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  1. Lucys coming along.......
    keep up the great exercise..........

    1. She is, thanks to a little nudging from a certain friend 😘 ❤️
      Trying too, it all leads to right direction.

  2. Loving your `LUCY` blocks. I have the book,template and papers. Yet to start. :) Happy Stitching.

    1. Thanks Clare, be warned once you start, they are so addictive. Just cut another seven blocks ready for stitching yesterday. Can't wait to share them.


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