Tuesday, September 01, 2015

SAL - Natures Journey

A Progress Report
Yes there was a plan, and I have struggled to keep up, but here is my progress report
January  -Christmas Wishes Stitchery

February Part 1 big-2hearts, 1basket, 1flower +small 2hearts, 2 hexies, 1 square, 1circle, 1year

March Part 2 big-2pears, 2stars, flower +small- 2circles, heart, hexie

April Part 3 big-2flowers, 1star, 1cherry, 1dragonfly +small 2bees, 2circles

May Part 4 big-hexie, 2xpersimmons, butterfly +5small 2xsquares, 2xbees, initial

June Part 5 big-leaves, acorn, flower, 2xpieced blocks +4small 2xhearts, 2xladybugs

July Part 6 centre appliqué

August Part 7 2 borders with the little squares appliquéd on - well, they are all cut out, preparation is the key they say. That and my love for ziplock bags. I am progressing slowly, so I am now only 1 month behind.... fingers crossed I can catch up before September is done.

September Part 8 last section and into a top and quilted - there is still hope, with a weekend away coming up in Bathurst it may just happen.


  1. Looking good Sonia, you're not too far behind. I'm sure Chookyblue will be cracking the whip in Bathurst!

    1. Thanks Susan, no catching up a bit more today, amid stock sewing (sshh don't tell anyone) a little work and little pleasure. Yes I think chooky will be cracking it well in Bathurst.

  2. I keep mine organised in a folder too. Love the colours you are using, very pretty! Almost there now hugs x

    1. Thanks Deb, I am definitely getting there... :)


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