Tuesday, September 01, 2015

MARKET - IlluminARTe Picton

Diary Date - 11th April 2015

I really love my job when it ends in days like this. What a market it was. Leaving home at 4.30am I may not have thought it was such a great job.... but we arrived in a drizzle, skies were not looking good... COFFEE can solve that. And it did breakfast before the hard work began in this little place R Coffee Co

AND THEN... the sun can out..... and so did the locals, about 15,000 people were reported to have attended... WOW What an amazing day it's was. Thank You to all that came by, shopped, just browsed our items or just said hello.

Love my last minute project, built the day before market and  gone to its new forever home - Eden patchwork chair

I love it, that my work allows my family to join in the fun of a day out... my whole family, my nieces came out and and when the cousins get together there is always laughter involved be it in the form of some craziness - like the trying on of wigs or learning to hula hoop!!

What an awesome music festival and lights spectacular Picton put on with its illuminARTe festival, It was predicted to be one of Wollondilly’s biggest events — and it didn't disappoint.
From listening to the wonderful musicians that played, in the sun and into the night when we watched the little town of Picton come to life almost as good as Sydney's Vivid after dark... we had a blast!!!

We will definitely be back next year with bells on!!!

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