Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Prehab and Happy Mail

Diary Date - 11th May 2015

I began today with some trepidation, as it marked the beginning of a new part of ME, hopefully with the help of what is known as Prehab (REHAB for before surgery). My surgeon is hoping that the next intensive 3 month programme of 3 hours a day 3 days a week of Physio and Hydrotherapy will help improve my muscle tone and perhaps put surgery off for 10 years. I am totally exhausted to say the least, but at least I have these pretties to look forward to... tonight I begin another project.... eeek!!! 
Exciting ‪‎happy mail‬ from Shiralee Stitches a new addiction, Chookyblue shared her's with me whilst I was there visiting recently and well I just couldn't resist.... Oh the joy of this Lucy Boston and my love for EPP... Oh if there were more hours in the day to just sit and stitch, perhaps with my ice packs keeping me company after every rehab visit... I may just get some done.

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