Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Milestone - Turning 50

Diary Date - 22nd-24th May 2015 (photo heavy post)

Happy 50th birthday baby, and so the adventure begins, luggage, umbrellas and we are off and he doesn't even know where - the look on his face when I got home from Prehab to say he needed to book a taxi... I love planning surprises.
But this one is the best yet. You don't turn 50 every year, and after his 40th that went by without much more than a family dinner, and this birthday was fast approaching. His warnings were I don't want anything, no party no fan fair.... the kids and I decided that a weekend away was the best way to do it... but surprise location was the key!!

So with some planning, we got it sorted. My prehab through a slight spanner in the works, so I had to send him a list too pack.. I think the egg flip had him wondering wtf...

So we got a taxi from home, with the rain pouring down and umbrellas, suitcases and a wife that's walking rather slowly and painfully... we headed to Manly Wharf. What a ride, high seas, and riding that ferry was like being on a roller coaster. Arriving at Circular Quay the sun had come out, and we enjoyed a bite to eat whilst awaiting the next ferry ride. So these kind of gave it away, but still he had no idea what he was in for... panicking that we were going camping, in the rain with that egg flip!! wtf!!!
We really do live on a beautiful harbour with lots of vista views...

So once we arrived at our Destination COCKATOO ISLAND, and I checked us into our Harbour View apartment, he was a very happy birthday boy. Just look that View.

As we were lucky enough to have the sun come out for a bit, we took in a stroll and took in some of the things to see. The Shipyard Stories exhibit of amazing memoirs from one of the officeboy turned drafts-men who worked on the island from the 1960s-70s painted in amazing detail.

More strolling around, I was taken by the history in all the textures on the island.... it really took me in.

The Birthday boy had shopped for me, so when I said a 6 pack, of course he found these tiny treasures... which we enjoyed after our stroll.

Then it was time for me to soak my weary bones, in this most amazing tub, and of course a the beverage was for medicinal purposes. And then we were treated to an amazing view the beginning of Vivid Sydney
Bianca joined us after work Friday night and Dylan on Saturday afternoon after work. The rest of my family joined us a birthday lunch on the island on the Saturday. Mr B really was surprised and thoroughly impressed, we really will come back to enjoy this view and this location.

He was king of the BBQ on the deck on Saturday night, and we enjoyed a slice or two of this decadent cake, after all the walking around the island I am sure we deserved it.

Bianca created this little video to sum up our weekend, it makes me smile just watching it.

Of course the weekend just kept getting better, drinks and lunch in the sun in Manly on the way home.


  1. Love the video....and loved the texture photos


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