Monday, September 07, 2015

A Country Trip - Country NSW

Diary Date - 27th April - 4th May 2015 (photo heavy post)

On the road again, we love our road trips, this one sees us heading out to Nyngan to visit with our Taylor Family. 

First stop was a well needed walk ( yes the knees dictate that I must move often) so we strolled the church yard of Mudgee, and enjoyed a coffee in our favourite sour dough Bakery - Market Street Cafe 

No country road trip would be complete without our obligatory cow photos... loved seeing that the rains had turned the paddocks green.


Then we followed an amazing mud map of directions that lead us down some amazing dirt roads, how I loved our directions to this property... we did question them at one point but continued on through property and property till we ended up at our designation for the night a pit stop somewhere near Gulargambone.

visitng the chookshed the home of chookyblue

If you've followed my blog for a few years you will know that blogland has introduced me to some amazing friends and this lady  is one of them. I was so excited to finally visit the chookshed and sit and enjoy a glass of bubbles and doing a bit of stitching. Chooky lovingly opened her home and cooked us an amazing dinner. I so wish that we had more time to sit and chatter. Next time I will plan for more time, her home and property were just perfectly serene and a perfect beginning to our time away from home.

Back on the road for a few more hours and we were greeted by these two happy faces - I love how excited miss Evie gets when we arrive. She really melts my heart.

No visit here is complete without a little gift.... this time is was the Woolworth's Dominoes, they went down a merry treat, we spent many hours playing, stacking, building and adding, and playing memory - oh what you can do with a set of dominoes.

Amie and I always try and fit in a bit of sewing, this trip was no exception, I managed to complete this quilt top. And cut out a few projects for Amie, as I know that she doesn't like the rotary cutter - um well shows you that nobody is immune to a sharp blade and as I made my cut I knew I was going to cut myself - sure enough I did - so a quick trip to the Nyngan Hospital, with some glue and home again all in under 30 minutes nothing like the hours of sitting in emergency in our local hospital.

We were introduced to the newest Taylor family member, so I was lucky enough not to miss my girls to much this visit, with a daily does of sun and pussy cuddles.
 Then we were treated to a family birthday dinner - Miss Brie celebrated with's always special to be included in Family events.

Up with the birds or before them today, we captured the sunrise on our way to Taylor family Saturday sports, nothing like an hour and drive to the oval, the joys of being in the country.

The three older ones got to play soccer, whilst Brian and I took the little one out for a play at the park... oh and and a little shopping. Not sure who was the youngest one when I am with My man and My god daughter....somebody threw a tanty till he had his photo with Darth

 Soccer is really not my thing, so this little miss and I enjoyed some time out in the car, selfies and DVD's, got to love our new car and it's DVD big screen. I was sad to say goodbye.... till next visit.

 Back on the road, for the long trek home, and look at the colours of Orange.... oh so pretty

 An overnight stay in Bathurst, meant the Man got tot he MAN thing and take a lap around the big track.... such a boy thing to do.
view from the top of Mount Panorama

My favourite Two Bridges this trip, we actually did the loop off the highway and passed the caravan park to take photos from all angles....  Just out of Lithgow.
Next we stopped for a bite of lunch at Medlow Bath and took in the awesomeness refurbished Hydro Majestic. Oh the museum, really treated us with a look into the past of what this beauty would have been both in amazing history and gruesome health treatments - (this is where my camera just went a bit a whole, my photos of the gruesome health treatments just didn't come out - put in the eerie music) all other photos were fine.

 And Home Sweet Home, oh how I love a good road trip, but nothing is as good as coming home!!!


  1. I'm lovin' your recent blog entries...something new every day!

    1. Thanks Julie, finally catching up now the PC is all better, it's easier and I've finally mastered the iPad posting


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