Sunday, September 06, 2015

Fathers Day 2015 - market and more

Another amazing work day, started a little later after a sleepover a little closer to our destination of Belgenny Farm. What a start with hot air balloons floating over head. The iPhone camera just doesn't to it justice, we could actually see the flames. 

We were joined as per our usual, Mother's Day and Father's Day market work days by my mum, dad and sister and nieces... It really is a great family day out.
Two of best dads I know - love them and there craziness to bits.
Love working all day, to the sound of this miss bellowing, until late afternoon when I think she just needs to be left alone... She really us beautiful though.

Love our display, each and every time we add something new, this market it was our best seller item today, our chalkart always sells well but today our Father's Day quotes did exceptionally well.

Arriving home after a big weekend of work to this. Best son ever award HAPPY FATHERS DAY Dinner, cooked and served to perfection

Baked french double Brie with honey and roasted almonds 
With a Guinness and a crazy face
Oh the oozy goodness of cheese
And a good Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon . 
followed by  Wagu eye fillet with mashed roast Kumera and beans with honey, lemon, mustard and roasted almonds. 

finished with a little family history, a wagon wheel and a cuppa

What a day, I'm ready for bed... Hope you all had a great day too.

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  1. Such a lovely end to a big day, the meal looked yummy!!!


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