Sunday, November 24, 2013

THE WEEK THAT WAS ... according to FMSPhotoaday

18. Mirror
reflections in my ipad 

19. Where you ate breakfast:
at my table by the kitchen, reading facebook messages

20. Communication
- a sound my kids will never understand - but they do adore this old relic in our home

21. I wish I had this
- * sigh - today my wish was for a cure for cancer - no photo needed, hard day!!!

22. Behind
my sad dead tree, behind the birds - they still come and I feed them, but the tree is going, I will miss my birds

23. Simplicity
the simple life, relaxed Saturday breakfast & coffee at home with the paper and my man

24. A word
Relax - taking advice from my stack of eyepillows, and relaxing as I Stitch them closed.

another week done, working well this month staying on track with Fat Mum Slim

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