Monday, September 17, 2012

Busy Weekend

What a busy weekend. Monday and the weekend is done!

With the weather being amazing it's perfect to be out in the garden, but Saturday looked dismal, so we headed out for an early breakfast and a little shop, before we knew it, we had been to Manly for breakfast and ALDI.  Home to drop off the meat for dinner, then off to Belrose Bunnings and Spotlight and a spot of stir-fry, home again to unpack. Look at the clock (misread clock) time to quickly hit the Mitre 10 for the catalogue special - of course they are sold out, heated discussion, back to ALDI in Manly, No lettuce, back to Harris Farm, maybe read clock correct for Son pick-up, but he is working back, sit in car for half hour no point going home yet..... are you exhausted we were!!!

We picked up the retractable hose, to replace our old wind up reel that broke earlier in the week - its perfect and reasonable compared to some of the prices at Bunnings.

After much discussion, we also picked up the ALDI high pressure cleaner, with the deck attachment, but it did take two trips and a visit to Bunnings in between. Next time hubby might believe me when I say I have done the research - Yes Karcher sell the deck attachment, but not for our almost 20 year old machine, and the price of the ALDI version was 1/3 of the latest Karcher with attachment!! Bargain!! 

With not much energy or light left, but determined to get in and do some more on the garden, as the weather did turn out wonderful. I got in and re-potted a couple of hanging pots, which are now hanging in the almost completed little corner we worked on last week. It was too late for Brian to get any further along with our new meets old deck work.

But he did manage to finish the cover for our solar powered fountain - it just needs a layer of fine mesh and more river stones and my dry riverbed water feature under my bridge to no where garden will be complete. 

Sunday, and the weather turned on perfection again, with just the two of us at home, we enjoyed our Crossword together in the sun over Special K, yoghurt and berries, with a nice green tea out in the garden . But we did need to get things done, so I started in the garden - re-potting up my veggie barrel, a couple of lettuces and a cherry tomato. I clipped back the herbs and trimmed the lemon grass. Trimmed and tidied up the other pots and potted up a few lavender seedlings. 

Time for  a coffee break, came in the form of an invite to the neighbours, where we sipped coffee's in the sun. Bliss!! This is what Sunday's are all about. Home for a bit of lunch and then back to the garden.

I didn't get a before shot, but my little garden bed outside my front door, was over grown with onion weed and two lavender bushes had died off - it was looking rather sad. So I attacked it with gusto, and removed the entire mondo grass border, and hand sifted through it to remove all those dastardly onion week bulbs, and then replanted it, before I know it, it will be a bushy edge again. I removed I am not sure what they are but purple and green leaves that Gabbie gave me a few years back, they tend to clump and need dividing, so  I divided them and spread them along the back. I planted a new federation daisy in Red and a new Lavender bush.  As I also get more sun in the front, it's becoming more and more a veggie patch with some flowers thrown in, so I added a big tomato and a few more lettuce. I also popped in a slugger after seeing it on Better Homes and Gardens on Friday night.

After all that I was exhausted but still I had more on my to-do list - double batch of this cake recipe, no rainbow, just pink and iced pink for a charity fundraiser for miss B on Monday was needed, so into it. 65 Cupcakes later...

Needless to say it was pizza, and early to bed, but gosh it's nice to sit out and enjoy my garden this morning!!!

Did you have a busy weekend?
What did you achieve?


  1. i need a bex and a lie down after reading that lol your garden is looking lovely! love the dry river bed idea too. i'd love a water feature.. love the sound of them!

  2. Wow sonja I was tired just reading what you did over the weekend. The garden is looking wonderful-any chance of flying over to do one in NZ? Dry riverbed looks great! Well done on a busy weekend.


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