Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today's inspiration

After waking with a shocker migraine at 6am - yes I am still waking with the birds. I decided I was only going to shake it with a visit back to bed, so no early tea, just straight back under the covers. at around 9.30am I awoke, with at least a slight ease in the throb - OK it's hormones just deal with it.

I am still trying to stick with the Organised Housewife, well trying!!! So today, instead of the plan, I worked on my presents cupboard, sorted and sifted and gifted on just because I could and made a couple of kids up the road happy after school this afternoon. Other than that not much happened around here.

Although I did drool, over the latest Homespun magazine in the sun and enjoy a cuppa listening to my trickling dry river bed - yes it's super soothing!!

So this afternoon, I have pulled out my Tilda fabrics and I am going to cut into them tomorrow, just for me and maybe somebody special - that Hexi Runner has my name on it!!!

And I have been trying to get myself sorted on this next Love Quilt - so I did pick and cut the binding and pin on the label ready to hit the machine and stitch tomorrow.

What did you do today???

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  1. Shame bout the migraine, but gorgeous fabrics


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