Monday, December 26, 2011


OK Chooky, I think I have put myself on the Naughty list, with only a couple of days till Christmas, I was feeling a little flat, and well with the wrappings I had to move the parcel and thought mmmm why not, so I have cheated and opened my gifts.  But I know that I have the family all coming and the computer is in the Sick Bay I have set up so I guess it's only Christmas Eve's Eve.... Well have I swayed you into believing that I am not really naughty but nice..... So I have opened so I could post early this post so that I wouldn't not do it, with family staying who knows when I will get to the computer again.

Anyways These are my awesomely wonderful gifts in our exchange this year from the wonderful Michelle. I truly felt spoilt and the love in your handmade cushion is divine and has given me the lift I needed....and made my Extra special Guest Room look extra pretty too!!! Thank you so much I love them all.

 I love the details all stitched, and funny enough I have admired patterns like this it was just perfect for me...and that little vintage postcard in the pocket just AWESOME!!!

So that's what I received, and here is what I had the pleasure of creating and sending as gifts to Elin in Norway, I enjoyed making the runner when I was going runner made - more runner images to come in the next few days.

This wrapped parcel enclosed these gifts.....


  1. I'm glad you liked the pillow and gifts! Hope you had a great day yesterday, Michelle.

  2. What lovely gifts you received... Chooky won't have put you on the naughty the rest of the break

  3. how did I miss this post.........OMG opening early..........definitely on the naughty list.......glad you like your gifts you received from Michelle......thanks for being part of the SSCS......


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