Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Gift Giving - RUNNER CRAZY

This year, I didn't think I would have time to make gifts, but the joy of creating really is Christmas to me, and with all that is going on, I have found that making the time to sit and stitch, has really eased some of the stresses in my life. Besides sitting stitching keeps the mind busy and away from other thoughts.

So with that going on, I have managed to get a roll on some runners.

First was some amazing fabric I received from Amie for my birthday it is perfect to match in with my Christmas theme this year so I whipped up a few of these.... I did the quilt as you go method on a couple
and then I found this pattern for what is known as a card trick template in patchwork, I fell in love with it and whipped up a few as gifts for Christmas.....

I found them enjoyable to do, and I think I have finally mastered my quilting foot on my machine, although I much prefer to hand quilt these items will wash better with the machine quilting.

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