Friday, August 19, 2011

Scrapbooking Top50 - Challenge 4

Challenge 4: Ant's 'game' challenge.

Criteria for this one was to think back to your childhood and create a LO based on or inspired by a favourite childhood game of your own. Just to make it a little harder....I would also like to see some felt used on your LO. This could be in the way of embellishments, alphas, store bought or home made. It is entirely up to you.

Headache is a board game similar to Trouble in which the object is to land a playing piece on top of all opponents' pieces (known as "cones"). The game is distinct from Trouble in that there is no finish the player must reach. Play moves in circles, until only one player has cones remaining on the board, being declared the winner. All players are welcome to occupy any space throughout the game, provided die roll allows, and there are eight spaces that serve as "safe" spots, where a cone resting on this space cannot be captured. Captured pieces are not sent back to start, but are permanently lost.

Like Trouble, Headache has its dice in a Pop-o-matic bubble in the center of the board. The bubble is pressed to roll the dice. But unlike Trouble, which has a single die in the bubble, Headache has two dice. One die is a regular die featuring the numbers one thru six. The other is blank on five sides, and has a red dot on the sixth side. The red dot, if rolled allows for an extra turn.

The Weather has turned so the photograph is indoors with lights but the colours are just not coming up as bright as they are. But it was the colours of the old "HEADACHE" game that inspired my layout and well although I am into banners at the moment, the shape of those cones just screamed a banner, I had wanted to make a shaker box but just couldn't find any plastic in the no lights no powered home - so it was number embossed tickets instead....all in all I think it comes up - even my little felt cut heart!!!

 Here are a few close up detail shots for you

Thanks for looking, hope your keeping warm on this cold stormy friday afternoon.

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