Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Pillow Passion

Well it's all in the title, I have a passion for home furnishings really, love to make my home feel loved and cosy, and I think you would all have to agree that a pillow or a stack of them makes a space feel so much cosier?

So I thought I would share just a few of my latest creations - yep I have been making pillows again, and loving the cosy feel around the home, mix in a few quilts, and my home is nice a cosy.

I think one of the reasons I love pillows, is that you don't need much fabric and when I buy a really awesome fabric, you know you all have that item that you love to have but don't and can't use because you love it so much....well make a cushion then you can walk by or sit with it and admire that wonderful fabric all the time instead of when you open our favourite fabric draw ( go on I know you all have that secret stash to use for a special occasion but it never happens)

And Pillows are easy peasy, I love to put zippers in, but having done Home EC at school I find zippers easy, perhaps it was Mrs O'Neil she seemed such a daunting lady, but she showed me how to do a zipper and it's so easy. I did a web search for tutorials...and Prudent Baby has a tutorial , that shows how I do it, well kind of - and yes she goes on about the fear of a zipper, and when the girls on my Sunday Monthly Sewing group do cushions they put Velcro and buttons - a) they like the button look, but b) they have a huge fear of zippers - but really they are easy.

You can still see my threads from my quick un picking (smiles)
But there are many tutorials out there and Sew Mama Sews Blog has an awesome one that I would love to try one day too.

The one above I shared with you a few blog posts ago, when it was in the stitching stage - it was one of our Monthly Sunday Sewing Bee projects - it has some embroidery red work, and a little quilting.

This next one, that appeared in the top image, is my latest and most favourite, it was my choice for last months Monthly Sewing Bee project and I just loved it when I saw the tutorial online, The Sprocket Pillow Tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sews Blog. I have added the stitchery to the project, and each one of us completed them differently, My sisters is awesome - see the red/black and white one below.

I love the sprocket design, and the colours in the tutorial were just so bright and fresh, and having just completed my Gingham Girls Quilt the scraps were perfect and they are now cosied up together by the french doors, just a nice spot to sit, when it's too cold outside.

Well, I hope I have inspired you to be creative and to part with some of your "to precious to use but must have in my stash fabric" and make a cushion, be brave and try a zipper...go on, you know you want too!!!

I {heart} Cushions

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  1. Just love your cushions Sonia especially the round ones. What a wonderful way to enjoy an expensive fabric! I will have to remember that tip. :)


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