Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where is the year going???

Has anyone seen February or for that matter January???  I can't believe how quickly the days are flying by. What's worse is that I can't believe the last time I blogged was December. I am so far behind with sharing my life, and I am sorry for my absence, it was not planned or intentional, life just seems to be super busy. So let's see if I can share a rewind of what i have been up too...

  • Well there has been lots of reno work going on, as we are keen to get the house sorted and mostly finished before the big 21st come April!!
  •  I have also been doing a bit of stitching, with some work on all 3 quilts i am working on plus a doll and a Christmas ornament (yes i am going to be more organised come Christmas 2011)

  •  We had a holiday to Melbourne and spent time with my adopted love spending time with them all. It was a great family break, and we enjoyed spending time traveling together just the four of us too....enjoying the sites that we love.

  •  I started blogging about my 22nd wedding anniversay last week and creating this post with a computer issues caused the rebirth of my laptop and all the work that involved over the next week, there has also been loads of computer work on the re-birthing of the forever always gallery - happy to say that job is complete!!!
  • We always say no gifts but always manage to do something for each other, this year the traditional/modern gift for 22years is Copper, so hubby surprised me with a card containing a 1989 (the year we were married) one cent piece....cute and Corney which is why i love him, among with the other 100 reasons... I also received a tube of copper paint...I surprised him with this home made card - first for the year - note the new page counts in the side bar and a lovely old clock.

 There has been heaps more over the past few months, but this blog post is already huge, I hope you have enjoyed the glimpse into my very busy few months. I promise to not take so long between chats again soon
Hugs Sonia


  1. Sadly it's been about this long since we've seen each other too! Love what you have been up to x

  2. Well Sonia, I forgive you for being gone for so long since you've been busy working on gorgeous projects! :)

    Happy 22nd Anniversary!!

  3. nice sewing projects..........esp love the Xmas wall hanging.......
    oh and not sure where Jan and Feb have gone............


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