Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another week on

Well this cold is still dragging it's tail. One course of antibiotics down, a repeat to go, I have stopped the prednisone, so let's see if I can kick this thing.

I have started to get further on my to-do list, with Christmas just around the corner, nothing like a last minute rush to the gate. So this week has been a little busier than the last few, and I have managed to quietly and slowly plod along.

I went over and did my Niece up for her formal, hair and makeup, it's amazing to see how grown up they all look.

Worked on my Christmas Cards - and am glad to say that after today's post pickup, they will all be in the post, now that is a relief.

With Bianca home for a day I got her into helping me whilst I was working on a sewing project for her, so I am happy to say that my Christmas fruit is soaking for Christmas cake baking on Sunday and whilst she was in a total baking mood, she baked some of these and some of bills jam my cookie barrell is looking mighty fine.

My Handmade Christmas Ornaments from this swap have all been posted... Yes I was making a list and checking it twice, yep the christmas spirit has got me, almost ready to start singing carols.

While i was working on a wrapping and posting mode, my Nursing Home gifts have been wrapped and ready to drop off to my sewing classes collection for delivery of our huge santa sack. It's not the handmade versions that I wanted to do, but with Ikea having them all ready and pretty these knee rugs will be perfect.

Then still in that packing and shipping mode, this swap parcel went my lucky swap partner will soon be recieving this parcel of goodies from me
I also finished this Madeline Costume for miss B's fancy dress party this weekend.


  1. Sonia your neice looks stunnnnning
    and your house looks christmassy

  2. Sonia your neice looks stunnnnning
    and your house looks christmassy

  3. OMG...for a lady who is sick, you've achieved a lot!!!
    Miss C looks gorgeous, hope she enjoyed the night. Loving your cards, better get onto that myself!
    Hope you continue to improve x

  4. your niece is beautiful.........keep getting better.......glad to see there is a SSCS parcel off in the mail......

  5. Thanks Sonia, I received my happy mail today - your gorgeous card and ornament. Love it!!!
    Hope you are feeling better (I wish I could achieve so much when I feel like crap)


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