Monday, November 15, 2010

alive and kicking

Well it's been a while since i posted...

the last 10 days I have been house bound seems that i stretched myself a little too thin, and have come down with a summer flu which has hit my the coughing and the fevers are killing me...I am so not a patient.

I ventured to spotlight with hubby today, to get the last little something so i could finish work on my Chookyblue's Secret Santa Gift exchange that must be in the post. I also got some more blue and green supplies, for my christmas cards, and my house decorations, and my christmas ornament swap supplies seeing as I am sick and at home, i hope that i can get too creating quietly at home.

Bianca also asked me to pickup fabric so i could make her a Madeline costume for a upcoming fancydress party she is going to, so got that as to be creative and whip up a madeline costume.....oh joy!!!

Lets see what I can find that I have been up to and do a bit of a photo share..... checking my photo files, I realise that I didn't share the surprise 16th photos with you yet....well here is a photo story.

Tealights galore, I purchase 200 and i think they used just about all of them, this was inspired by an image I saw somewhere on the web, I think it was from Martha Stewart. Lucky for me, my Dad has a permanent Garage Sale with lots and lots of old jars and things, and that's what we used, amazing how washed glass sparkles in candlelight.

It really was a fairyland of light.
We had a sit down dinner with a menu of

Parmesan Arancini with semi-dried tomato dip
Hearty Italian cannelloni with Mixed Greens
but don't tell anyone, that it was acutally individual lasagna's as i found this easier to plate up!!! :)
Birthday cupcakes & Robyn’s Slice

After Dinner Mint - wipe out due to ICECREAM DISASTER
lucky the night got carried away with Karaoke on the huge projector screen outisde that we had set up...with all sorts of songs, but by far the favourite tunes were the disney sountracks.....
I think the birthday girl had a blast.......
Then there is Melbourne cup Lunch.....shame i only snapped this shot and it was before we even left home.
 Other than that not much happening just resting and trying to get over this summer flu.

Oh I wonder if i tricked you with that paper cake up there....

yep it was made of paper and was a huge hit at the party, they all thought it was a real cake...but alas it's a paper cake lolly box favour....which was a big hit and appart from all the roses that I hand made (roll eyes - why do i do start things and think oh boy when i am making them - but they did look fantastic - you know the flower tut from back here made with two shades of bazzill cardstock and then I lightly sprayed them all with glimmer mist too....very pretty.) but back to that cake - its a simple print, cut and fold of this cake box (i tried a couple and this was the easiest) - make 12 and pop onto a cakeplate,then decorate as you like. I stamped mine with a nice Prima Flourish stamp before folding them and then just wrapped a piece of ribbon around them and tied with a little bow at the edge.


  1. Gorgeous photos...the night looks brilliant! I LOVE that cake...too clever.
    Glad that you are back in the land of the living ;) hehe not sure if you could call it a summer cold, with this weather ;) xx

  2. hope your feeling looks gorgeous and hope you got your SSCS finished or very close to finished.......

  3. OMG that paper cake looks amazing. Such a great idea!!! Looks like a fun night.
    Hope you are feeling better


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