Monday, October 11, 2010


Well it's been a while, so time to share some fabric and paper creativness. You may be aware that I sell my handmade items ....over here or even on my facebook page or at my etsy store. - so here are a few items that went in the store or were given as gifts.

 And because Amie had sent me a frame to play with, i created just for me....with a splurge on this awesome fabric. With a matching little phone cover from Janelle Winds Book Pieces of Me that i purchased from RetroMummy, I think Corrie was happy with me for requesting she order it in, as it's been a big hit...lots of goodies in that one - Highly recommend it!!!

 And another duet just for me, one of my ruffled wristlets, in a very old fabric, that I just had to have many years ago but never did anything with, was saving it for that special day, and I just decided that the day I made it was VERY SPECIAL!!!!

 Being on a roll with the phone cases, and not willing to give either of my two up, Bianca was heading away for a weekend, so I gave her a little love gift of one of her own, she had drooled over these fabrics when they i knew she would love it.

Gina requested a sunglasses case, so Amie was happy to oblige me another frame and this is it, Gina was very happy with her purchase.

Then because i was taking photos I finally uploaded for sale my Rose Rings....just love mine and where them all the time.!!!
 This Saturday just gone, was my first 12 hour crop in a while, so it was a full house and we all had a blast, not sure if it was the Cosmo Champagne or just the fabulous company, and I know they all enjoyed my cooking...well the recipes I have shared over on the FA FAMILY RECIPE BLOG, and here are a couple of sneaks of my layouts....check the full details and layouts in the FA Gallery. The one on the left is Forever Always October Sketch Challenge layout and the right is just for fun!!!


  1. I love that ruffulee thingy that you do, just adds pizazz..

  2. Thanks Maggey :)


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