Monday, September 06, 2010

Trying to catch up

Well it's been full on and crazy around here.....with all sorts of madness and crazyness....but we are all alive and that's the most importan thing!

We are learning more and more about the processess of dealing with Cancer and it's assorted Treatments.

We have leart that our babies are growing up....
Yep first Car purchased....another first for our biggest baby.

I have been busy creating for christmas issues of NOTEBOOK can't share...but I have been busy....scrapping.

stitching...hmmm let's see
The top quarter of my Gingham Girls quilt is complete, and almost all the stitcheries are done for the remaining two quarters.
I have completed all the stitcheries for the first two blocks of A Gardners Journal - sadly I am way behind the ladies I am supposed to be stitching with...but I am enjoying the process so its all good.

I have completed a few other little projects but nothing to share yet....
also more etsy store jewellery items to come, once photos have been edited.

Reading front

Completed reading the Lies we Told by Diane Chamberlain...loved loved it
so reading now
the alibi man by Tami Hoad, and enjoying it immensly.

I have a few PIF's to complete and birthday gifts as well...but have also just signed up for my 3rd year of the Christmas Gift Exchange with ChookyBlue
Back to cutting and pasting christmas bits.....oh I love Christmas....and it's been perfect light entertainment, whilst I have been sick for the past week.....cough cough....hating the coughing....


  1. Congrats to Bianca for her 1st car purchase. Less running around with drop offs for you Sonia.

    Love to all and I hope Al's treatment goes well.

  2. been thinking about you.........keep stitching the GJ.......take it with you for visits and appointments........don't give up now........keep working on the stitcheries........

    welcome to the SSCS.........have fun making your gifts...


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