Thursday, September 16, 2010

Still Creating....that MOJO is hot!!!!

Well with loads of birthday this month, the top50 Cybercrop first challenge got me going with a card roll. See the gallery for click and shop links and details. If it's your birthday don't look!!!

This is another layout for the top 50 cybercrop, challenge 2 - laughed my way through this layout.

Thanks for looking....


  1. Gorgeous Sonia ! Loving your cards...and I'm pretty sure Paula and Amie should not be reading this LOL !
    Hope the mojo continues to flow. See you tomorrow night.:)

  2. Loving the use of the scrapmatts bird cute..Sofie from scrapmatts

  3. Loving the use of the scrapmatts birdcage on your card..nice work...Sofie,

  4. Loving the use of the scrapmatts cute..Sofie,

  5. Wow you are on a roll! Loving the handmade flowers they are just gorgeous!!
    Shaz xx

  6. All beautiful Sonia. Its been so long since I have looked at anyones blogs, and only have started scrapping again. Looking forward to seeing some more work of your soon. Ves


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