Tuesday, March 16, 2010

too long between posts....

Sorry, it's been crazy and I just found blogging one of those things that I keep putting off till tomorrow on my list of to do's but really I just have to do it....

So here is a bit of a catch up on what I have been doing creatively.

12 hour crop last weekend, and I completed these two layouts....

nerds in 3d - Recipe scrap from last week with Amie Taylor - if you want to have a go at creating ribbon roses and a easy layout like this follow Amie's recipe here.

{sand}baking - another simple one using the criteria for Paula's March Challenge over here.

Forever Always February Cybercrop Layouts....had fun with all the wonderful challenges that Belinda Boyce cooked up for us in her first official cybercrop Design Team position.

Forever Always March Newsletter went up, with this great sketch layout inspired by Kylene Hickey's use of older photos I got in and scrapped some of my Hubby...such a cutee don't you think?

Evil Random Challenge for the Forever Always forum

Shopping for Fabrics.....yep it all arrived can't recommend etsy store owner Randi of FreshsqueezedFabrics ....more highly for her fantastic quick service....and I love my fabrics....too YUMMMM

Here they are mixed with some spotlight purchases ready to work on my Gingham Girls quilt.Here is the beginning of stitchery one block one.....23 more stitched stitcheries and 11 blocks to go.....


  1. Fantastic layouts Sonia! Love the simplicity of 'sandbaking' :) Looking forward to seeing the completed quilt...those fabrics are gorgeous! x

  2. Thanks Paula....the quilt will be a longterm project....LOL but it should be yummy as the fabric certainly is.


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