Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sewing Finishes for February & some fabric shopping

This little travel stitchery bag from Bronwyn Hayes is one of the patterns from my Stitchery Kit of the month club that I am still recieving kits from Under the Mulberry Tree. It was finished a couple of weeks ago for my girlfriends birthday, using my own fabrics....I have all but completed the stitchery for the second one which will be for myself, with the kit fabrics.

With high hopes to complete lots in february, i have lots of half finished let's hope that March brings lots of finished items. As I am itching to start something new that I have purchased, but really need to complete some started ones first. This is what I have purchased The Gingham Girls quilt from Lily Lane I found them to be the cheapest online store that had the patterns - always tough when you have to buy each block as a pattern.

Mum, Heidi and I have gone thirds in it and will all work on it together...which will be nice.

Amie & Gab's addiction with browsing etsy fabric stores and sending me wonderful links has had me drooling for a while over these awesome fabrics....and I finally caved in and purchased some of them on friday, and hope to include them in the above quilt.

They were purchased from Fresh Squeezed Fabrics, and I can't wait for them to arrive.


  1. cute stitchery...........LOVE the fabrics you got.......

  2. That fabric looks divine!! :)

  3. Hi Sonia, congrats, great stitchery!
    Hugs, Emanuela


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