Friday, February 15, 2008

365 Days of ME Catchup.....& CREATE

TODAY- Day 19 - well today was eyebrows and eyelashes....getting beautified for RETREAT....its only 5 more sleeps. Less stressed, spent the day spending Bianca's money....she needed more UNI clothes, the fun of earning is in the spending.
Day 18 - romance is in the air....valentines day....a perfect day with homecooked treats....
Day 17 - its never ending, planning for the retreat...the eyes are saw from to many hours sitting at this my hand attachment. - Did manage a coffee out with a freind to celebrate her birthday.
Day 16 - My baby is of to be desexed, feeling anxious - RETREAT is getting closer.
Day 15 - chained to the desk, Retreat work, and DT meeing tonight.

Today i also did the draw for the 200th post RAK - and the lucky Winner is ....

Shelly said...Wow ee Sonia- is there an end to yourgenerosity and heart? You
wonder woman you! I love your blog, and all the photos!!
Day 14 - Coffee with E - escaped thehouse, needed some ME time, retail therapy and coffee with a Friend....awesome remedy!
Day 13 - 12 Hour Crop - need i say more....smiles, greatfood and fantastic company
CREATE - yes i have to say this is all ihave to show for 12 hours.....LOL managed the one layout....and shuffled andplayed but the other LO is still unfinished. This fits the 123 February Criteria.
Day 12 - The Day after Valium induced migraine sleep - 12 was needed.....retreat is looming...
Day 11 - Stuido time - Migraine looming - more cuddles, I love how she puts her paws around my neck and snuggles in....does make for difficult typing though!!!
Day 10 - this kitty is helping me with some stocktake....isn't she too cute!!! Keeping her out of the way of the painting - Brian is doing my office wall today.
Day 9- well i just had to share this photo again.....I thought it needed some i have played with it in photoshop, and am much happier. the one on the left is the original on the right is the new one.


  1. Anonymous7:30 pm

    I have had trouble with H C as well. what is your email.

  2. Anonymous9:34 pm

    How have you got on with honeysuckle cottage? Have you got your order yet?

  3. Anonymous8:00 pm

    Sonia, I was just wondering what happened with honeysuckle cottage. Did you get the parcel yet.

  4. Girls Kim has been a trooper and we have finally got sorted I THINK.....I am back in time with my BOM quilt and i even have a an extra surprise with the last a peace i am happy....anonymous I hope you have all yours sorted soon.

  5. Great catchup Sonia, I don't think you missed anything.... Who yelled at you at the airport?

    I am loving all of your LO's and the photos you are sharing.

    Have a great night,
    Hugs Amie xx


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