Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Shrove Tuesday Dinner

just a few pics of our Shrove Tuesday dinner....Chinese Omlettes - i remember my serving these one shrove tuesday whilst growing up and decided to cook them for my kids.....total yum and they scoffed the lot without even complaining about the celery or beansprouts....plates were almost licked clean.

Then the standard pancake....most of us had lemon or orange, I had segments of orange wrapped with lemon squeezed on the outside sprinkled with sugar, Dylan created his own, with watermelon and yoghurt....not too sure if i would like it but he did....


  1. Wow your cooking looks amazing, are you a chef? I love the way you take your photos.

  2. Thanks Kylie....no just a passion for food

  3. Hi Sonia! I would love your recipe for Chinese Omelets...I've never heard of them and they look delicious! Thanks! =)


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