Thursday, January 31, 2008

Studio Thursday + 365 Days of {ME} day 4

Well after a very disturbed night of sleep {lack of sleep} - Dylan had a rough night, I am feeling grumpy and tired....but its Studio Thursday and I need to create.

Got in and created.....belated birthday CARD for Kye.....- not sure if you read me here Kye....but if you do its in the post.....close your eyes and don't look...This one is all stitching, and blue - two of Kye's favourite things.....had fun making this sure it will be well received along with her beaded bookmark.
That was a great start - and got me in the mood, finally got in and started on Ange's CJ - and really got in the groove....really love how this has evolved. Ange's theme was {celebrate} LOVE - who and or what do you love? Ange had also used a postcard on her entry, and it got me inspired to carry the postcard them...but i made my own to go with my loves....then creating a clear title page so that you could see all the layers together in the style of one of my favourite childhood cartoons...the LOVE is......syle....
This first page shows the clear title overlaying all the other it reads Love is...
US forever always
our home
holding hands
on the flip sides
it reads
{everyday} solitude
{priceless} memories
home baked goodness
then on the back of this is my journaling
which reads to me love is all these things ane more, but ultimately its the love of my family

this is the next page in the CJ - showing my family LOVE....Well here we are DAY 4....scrapped and smiling....

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