Wednesday, January 30, 2008

365 Days of ME - Day 3 & more

Well at least this photo challenge is making me post I drove over to Mum's and spent the day sewing with my Sister, Mum and a Friend of Mum's we created some goodies for the Retreat which is now 22 days was a great day - although it was so hot and we were sewing out doors, 3 sewing machines whirring away.... I have come home to working on the Newsletter for FA......lots of great inspiration from all the TEAM.....oh i wish i were scrapping, its all so inspiring, I have showered and put on my pjs and realised after carrying the camera around all day to get that snap.....that i still hadn' here it is.....

self portrait.....#3 -
FRESH and CLEAN FACED -Happy good feelings with family Day!!!

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