Saturday, December 22, 2007

Photo Catch up

sorry its been so long, but life has got the better of me, with the death of a close family friend, and Mum being really sick. I have just been a tad crazy, trying to get into the Christmas spirit.

But here is a creative update anyway.
First up a Birthday Card - simple but effective I think!!!
Another Birthday Card
A grunge layout!!
We have painted, and yes the feature wall is perfect!!! We put in a new screen door - oh and started to decorate...
don't you love my new toy soldier and the angel.
Decorated the tree, we had a few tears, as last year our loss was too raw, to use Betty's decorations, but this year we have dragged out the vintage glass baubles....and the tree is electic, and we love the memories, all though they may be sad, they are happy too!!!

- here are some ornaments - had to share these are a few of my favs.

Oh and then there was the Christmas Baking....these were the gifts...portions.

shortbread, truffles and christmas cakes.

Of course, then there was the outside lights to go up - ooops no night time pics, must do that....

Then we had our annual street party with loads of kids and bubbles this year!!!
Here is a card and gift share from October, Sorry it took me that long to get it to its owner....but am sure she loved it!!!
off to sort out a few things, will finish with a bigger update and more pics tomorrow.

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