Tuesday, November 27, 2007

sick slack blogger

well - the reason i have come to post is that i am sooooo excited.....got some great happy mail today....but I should do a catchup first!!!!

Saturday 17th
tough day - got some bad news regarding my mum's health, which lead to a heavy day, got one layout done at the 12 hour - this one on Christmas day!!!Started on my christmas cards too!!!

Sunday 18th
Did some running around for last minute Formal supplies.
Monday 19th
Christmas baking, bit of house cleaning - with the walls coming down its a mess. Afternoon Tea with the ladies in the street got to hug babies.....

Tuesday 20th
lots of web work, more house cleaning, thanks to Mel for her tips on rag curls - got bianca's hair done...went out for dinner and met up with Andrew and Ange.

Wednesday 21st

web work early then morning calls to pick up ange early, calls from mum and sister ends in tears...its bianca's big day, collected ange, then headed to the shops, underwear, and clips the big purchases of the day!!!! Home to get ready for the formal....oh how exciting, cocktails, makeup I felt like it was her wedding day.....the curls worked a treat!!!!

and the outfit complete....I started to feel a little unwell....sore throat....oh no!!!! Up late to hear the formal gossip!!!!

Thursday 22nd

Studio day - hmmm feeling horrid, but soldiering on call from MUM good news....ah relief!!!

Managed to get more of my christmas cards done....

Friday 23rd

getting worse....runny nose...not the best way to spend time with a friend. cybercropping, but i was in bed early - poor ange up on her own. Happy mail.....christmas ornament swap from Shelly....isn't she lovely!!!

Saturday 24th

feeling worse....but managed a dinner out....felt the need to do something, dinner and icecream.....bed early again!!!

Sunday 25th

Bianca is working for the 4 day running, she is exhausted, but there is a sale, so we drive her to work and did some retail shopping, I didin't last long, with fever hitting. Home, some lunch a scarey movie....ange has decided we aren't going to the movies to scarey ones....sonia screams too much. feeling slightly better, down to the studio, gotta scrap.....completed this one!!!! - showing the love and story of my childhood memories about my nanna's hands which have now become my mum's hands and which i soon believe will be my hands!!!

Early to bed again.....feeling really slack, but the cold dictates it!!!

Monday 25th

taxi day - bianca is off to schoolies, pick up the girls and drop them in at central for the train trip....then off to the airport to drop off ange...{missing you already} loved your visit, just annoyed that i was so sick...would have liked to play havoc a bit....

Did some retail shopping on the way home, got some more christmas decos....will share pics when i have them put in the right spot!!! Not sure how the decorating is going to work with christmas decorations and painting all at once....with plastering too....oh boy!!!

Finally got to feeling well enough to work on some of these.....aren't they cute!!!!

Tuesday - yep that's today

OK - well today started well, with me feeling great {well better than i have done in a week} but after a few hours of web work, it all went down hill.....so sat and worked more on the little angels above....then this came and put a smile on my dial.....yeah....a new project....well lets' see what i put on hold to complete this overnight....no probably tomorrow!!! Oh Donna i could kiss your cotton socks....so loving it!!!!


  1. I so love your 'diary' like posts, they are so fun, descriptive, and image provoking!!!

    Lou xxx

    PS Heartfelt Squeeze!!!!!!!1

  2. Thanks Lou!!!! - when your a slag blogger its the only way to catch up!!!

  3. Hope you are feeling much better now. You are a lucky girl getting one of Donna's kitsthey sold so quickly. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Love the Angels

  4. I hope your Mum is okay Sonia :O)

    The pics are lovely - that angel is gorgeous!
    Have a lovely Christmas.
    Thanks for the little pudding link too - they are the sweetest little things!!


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