Sunday, December 23, 2007

more photos in the catch up

Well here we go again on the catch up thru photos.....creative gift giving, simply black earrings.

Followed by my favourite czech crystal angels.....totally in love with them...hope their recipients are too.

Had fun with wire making these ones, I know these went down well with my Forever Always Angels!!!
Then I got to with these tiny Angel Earrings, they are just so sweet, and there is nothing nicer than having an angel hanging over each shoulder to make you feel special.
Here is one of a few of the sun catchers that i created....more photos to follow soon on these.
Next up were these little tiny tea cup pin had fun with these....saw them on a blog a while back, and couldn't resist creating them, especially when i found these tea cups in our local salvo's.

Next up is these Joy words.....made three of these....more vintage buttons got used here too...

Next up were the stitchery projects, this cute little money gift - some little holiday spending money to go with their other gifts.

Then this cute stocking - had fun with this project too...
Then this little travel game - simple and quick to create...hope it goes down well with my son!!!

then we had a 21st last night to go to....for my cousin, her favourite stone is lapis added some to this sun catcher with this vintage pendant on the end.....she loved it!!!
Think that's me all caught up - now have to just get a couple more sewing projects done and then on to some more christmas baking.
Hope you having a great weekend.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family Sonia.
    Bri xxxx


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