Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursdays Creative Juices

Thursday's creative juices have been flowing like mad, I have had a totally fun day creating, first off the rank came my Layout for the second challenge in the online comp that Michelle W and I are doing. This week it was a sketch challenge with Elegant being the inspiration. Week 2 'Elegant' - Hippeastrums
This is my take on ELEGANT. I took it as designer pin stripe suits, with that amazing red hence my colours are black, white and that splash of red. My lines are straight and uncomplicated (no curves). When it came to textures I reached instantly for the Bazzill Bling, and some herringbone bg PP.I think I have covered the effect of a clean cut suit that I was after.I followed the needs of the customer by trimming my photos to custom fit the sketch.And then the bling just covers the diamond accessories.Which I think covers the overall emphasis of an uncomplicated layout with a well fitted status focused Style....well in my opinion....LOL This is the second layout of the day. With the launch of our 3rd week into the Last Scrapper Standing competition over at searching for a DT member. The Challenge is fairly open to perception, but to help the girls out we are offering them up some words of inspiration every few days, and I personally have set a goal to try and complete a lo for each today's first word was....
First Inspirational Word by Michelle W – RANDOM
Random …what is this word to you! My life can be random at times, when setting this challenge, I asked the girls to choose random words – hence Michelle’s wit, this is your first word,
so lets look at some definitions of this word.
- a haphazard course
- at random
- without definite aim, direction, rule, or method : in a random manner 1 a: lacking a definite plan, purpose, or pattern b: made, done, or chosen at random
- ran•dom•ly adverb
- ran•dom•ness noun
synonyms RANDOM, HAPHAZARD, CASUAL mean determined by accident rather than design. RANDOM stresses lack of definite aim, fixed goal, or regular procedure.HAPHAZARD applies to what is done without regard for regularity or fitness or ultimate consequence . CASUAL suggests working or acting without deliberation, intention, or purpose.

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