Sunday, October 21, 2007

Beading, Birthdays and Yum Cha

Well, Friday saw me head over to Paula's for our once every 3 week beading session; sometimes we get together and all we do is chat, the usual thing when girls get together, but we were very productive this time. I had been up early, and already been over to St Ives to pick up some American freezer paper for my sewing projects, and of course ended up with a no traffic run, so had time to stop off and have a coffee....think this was the key to the production, I was well relaxed. Started off with these quick little ones....they remind me of Cherries...these beads I got on a beading shopping trip with Paula a few backs.
Next of the beading tray were these glass foil numbers, in the soft pink colours, which is where i was heading for my THINK PINK challenges over on the FORUM. This next one is the winner of the think pink challenges, I was inspired by a bracelet in a magazine that was made for Octobers breast cancer awareness month had the ribbon on it with some charms as well....which is where I got the idea to have my droplets, one of which is like a tulip. Lots of Czech crystals in this one.
Friday night, I was just so exhausted, and with not much on the box, Brian at work, the kids and I decided it was puzzle night, so we settled down to work on this one that had been in the cupboard waiting for a rainy day - it was a murder puzzle....there was a booklet synopsis which you had to read to work out what the puzzle was going to have in picture is a toughie...but it was fun!!!
With the finishing off being done on Saturday by Bianca and I whilst the boys went out to play Baseball!!
Saturday Night - and the kids made the white board into a games night leaderboard, so we settled in for some fun and games....a round of trivial pursuit and then a quick game of night we should do this more often.
Sunday - up early for a trip off to Yum Cha, we went over to Rhodes we haven't been to this one before...huge restaurant, lovely food....although for the girls, (my nieces) the jelly seemed to be the highlight, they have decided they aren't into YUM CHA...but well this was the Birthday Boy's choice and he loved it....even the birthday cake..Then home, amazing with a full belly how chilled you Dylan got into his birthday present, ps2 extreme bike riding ...or something like that...that he had purchased with the money he received from his mate & family before and after lunch - was great, got some great Ikea bargains for finishing of the big (REAL) birthday present which he will get on Tuesday - the bedroom!. I came home and finished off this one that I started on Friday, this piece is up for Auction, head over and bid if you feel you wish to be the owner of this Sonia Original Design, soft foil lined glass beads, with Czech crystal.
I then got started on a pink number for myself....need some leather thonging to thread this one on....but this is it so far.


  1. Woooooow!!!! Im sorry Blogger hasnt allowed me to post for your last couple of posts but i can now - lol, your creativity has rally been flowing, its a wonderful feast for the eyes!!!!

  2. Totally totally in love with the first red cherry are amazingly clever. They are all so pretty - farout I don't know how you made so many!

  3. Anonymous5:04 pm

    you are so clever!
    gab x

  4. I love the pink bracelet.How did you learn to do beading.I can do simple things but gee yours are amazing-love dee x

    1. Thanks Dee, just from playing then I took myself to a class in chatswood and reading more after that, I'm a quick learner


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