Sunday, July 22, 2007

sunday's creating

dragged out the sewing last night, but ended up watching the tri-nations, and the movie the black got up early this morning and got stuck in, i had cut this quilt out for dylan last winter.....its from all recycled denim - jeans, skirts, jackets etc and flanellette pjs and shirts...there is one purchased piece of flannel
I love how its turned out..... it took me just under 1 hours to sew it all together but its taken four hours of clipping and then 2 of washing and drying, it still needs some more washing to make more fluffy edges....but dylan was desperate to snuggle
this pic shows the reverse....side all flannnel reds, blues with a touch of green
oh and this is one of the treasure keepers...a zippered pocket....its also got a patch with a big brass button, and another with the calvin klein metal badge.....its such a boy quilt.....
then i got in and created the stitched border to this stitchery i completed a couple of weeks ago....and framed it in this frame that i got on last weeks flea market buys.... bargain @ $4
just going to iron on some patches to the backs of the quilts with made with spots....and love messages....will snap some pics and share tomorrow....
ok so bb is on....who is going to go.....i hope its not zach or travis......all though i do like joel too!!!!
off to watch....

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  1. Hi Sonia, Thanks for the email - man oh man this is one divine quilt. Absolutely stunning and SO boyish. I just adore it, you are so clever Sonia :O)


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