Saturday, July 21, 2007


i was first up....
crumpets and a the land of woman i love meg ryan - enjoyed this chic flick
a bit of emailing
some forum fix ups
tea with a friend who dropped in to show off her bricabrac bargains from a local market
cheese and crackers with dylan whilst we watched fire house dog - such a boy movie he loved it we spent time together.
showered about time
did a blog reading to read and lurk but i did comment this time
ok - treadmill calls....yup this is day 3 and going strong today i did a speed interval programme...sheesh i am buggared....but its all good, as hubby pointed out perhaps in 6mths i will be jogging it....LOL i can't see it...but i will be fitter
and here is am blogging...yup blogging for the third day in a row.....see i am back and feeling good
ok well off to finish some UFO...(un finished objects) of the sewing variety.....
have a great night....

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