Friday, July 20, 2007

friday fun

ok well, this is me making an effort to blog everyday again.

so today lets see...

7.15 out of bed in shower

8am - out of the house, no beds made, dishes rinsed...

8.15 drop bianca at manly

8.30 accupunture

9am - drive for a coffee at the beach wish i had the camera - no sand just rocks the sand has been washed away totally devastated, but of the ocean today the waves were amazing....

9.45 - drive off to bead shop, select some nice bits and bobs for my bead date with janet and paula

10.30 arrive at janets, chat lots, drinks some nice tea, then did a little one of these....aren't the sweet. can see me making lots of these little angels...for christmas
then we chatted some more....and i did the red one....loved my first wings better than the second.... a little lunch and then made these love them

2.30 left janets to collect bianca from school

2.45 - collect bianca, head to manly library drop off some books

3pm back to seaforth posted the orders from yesterday.

3.20 home, dylans here....just off the bus...walked in, did the loo thing, then headed on the treadmill....yess got in 27mins before michelle arrived with darla to do a little shopping.

4..45 managed to get in a read some emails....and some forum....and then here to blog....and yes i got the message i am here sharing my, bead work and well here is what came from yesterdays scrapping....just a sneal you will have to wait till pagemaps August newsletter comes out to see the rest.


  1. Those beady things are so cute!! Those angels are gorgeous and I adore those earrings!!
    Fran xxx

  2. Sneak Peak Tease!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And yes those earings are gorgeous!!!


  3. Oh that sneak looks great. I looove your earrings and Christmas decoration. You really are so multi talented Sonia.


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