Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Creative Post....been a while

Beware cute cats post.....well, after being totally inspired by Melissa Goodsell on her blog she had this cute little felt puss....and well after deciding i really wanted to make one....melissa sent thru the pattern, and then i decided that it was a draft stopper that i needed cause i was so cold...three little pusses later and hey presto, but due to the new rule of make one for me too!!! - I have for my sister for her birthday and one for myself....and unfortunately i don't have a pic....but Dylan made one too.....he had fun stitching, all though he said his fingers are sore.
above is the detail shot, of a weekends work, well i had a friend over and we got sorted on some gifts we both had to make...these are cute cotton reels and well they were supposed to be a swag, and you needed 9 for the swag, but after saturdays efforts of cutting them all out, i dreamed of runners in my sleep. table runners that is...and decided i could create the gift for my mum and then have one for me too!!! my new sewing rule, if i make for somebody else i want one for me too!!!

So needless to say, this is mums birthday pressie....sweet little table runner....and mine is all but finsihed....has all the hand stitching left to do....but its ready in my need something to do tonight basket....I also spent loads of time, tracing and planning a couple of other stitcheries, supposedly for gifts for my sis and a friend, but alas i decided i love the stitcheries and they will go in my box of todos...and well i created a handbag....see pic below.... for the other friends birthday
hand bag for a friend....made from this basic idea from Martha Stewart, i created mine from scratch....and well had to stitch these cute little felt flowers on them too....

loads of stitching a bit carried away with the planning but well when it came too it - i soon got over it...especially that metallic thread.
Another 123 cc layout.....awesome photos of our puss lily, had fun with this sketch.This was for the 123 Cyber Crop, loved the challenge, and had loads of sewing fun with all the beads.

Ok this was the african/asian challenge....well they are asian elephants...and its asian inspired colours....not a typical me page, but the photos was great, and i now have to complete a 2nd page witht he rest of the pics, so this one could grow ....Got totally into the cc this time, after completing my hardware hooligans, I managed to get some time on the sunday night whilst brian was at work, to totally play....had this pic of mums cactus....and it was perfect for this challenge. I was inspired by Fran's random challenge layout....loved the simple had to case it!!! Fran thanks for inspiring me!!!looks - it's not on white, its a mono green, just looks better in real life.This was one of those OMG - layouts....CC was about to begin and somehow i had missed having a sketch planned for the night, so @ 6pm i completed a sketch i had been doodling on a scrap of paper, for no particular photos, and then scanned my pics, the theme for the cc had to have primary colours well....its not so primary but it does have red, yellow and blue in it....had fun with this, still think it may need some hardware....but haven't found what it needs...happy to have comments on it please....
Michelle Winstons Birthday - 2nd June, created this wire wrapped bracelet and matching earrings, which matched her little thankyou necklace i gave her at the retreat. Loved the colours of this one, and it was fun to mak


  1. Hi Sonia,

    I love the cute cats, what a great idea. Mel sent me my sleepy ted this week and some felt so I can start to make some of these cute little things. Can't wait to start!!

  2. Sonia, the door stopper is adorable - what a beautiful idea!!
    I love all your other clever things too, they are so yummy - and the layouts are divine. You've sure been busy.

  3. Anonymous9:28 pm

    wow sonia...! i love your today LO. it is great to see you looking so well. each piece is lovelier than the last...i hope you are happy with it all x gab

  4. love the LO's love the Bracelet and love all the sewing projects you have been doing

  5. Black cat is my favourite!
    Girl you have been busy!
    Love the pic of you! You can just see a hint of a smile behind the cup!!! lol
    Nature layout is beautiful too! Love the look of it.
    I miss ya sista!!!


  6. Hi Sonia,

    Just found your blog. You are one very crafty lady!!! The cats are sooo cute and I love the beaded jewellery. Beautiful!!!

  7. Hi ya,
    just cruising the blogs. man i have been spotting those cats every where. they are cute.

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