Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Babe

Its your day, hope you have fun, i purchased this card yesterday - and you know i don't usually buy them but this just seemed right, from the photo, well that is how we first got together, a little kiss on the beach just over 21 years the saying its perfect...
you do make my life special just by being you...your always there for me, you support me and love me..
happy birthday
i love you


  1. Happy Birthday Brian!!!
    Such a serious look in the pic!!!
    Hope you have a great day!!!
    I know the family will spoil you today :)
    Hugs, Love ya all,


  2. Happy Birthday Brian hope you have had a great day

    From a fellow Gemini

  3. Oh...I am a bit slow !
    Happy Birthday Brian !!! What a beautiful card Sonia - so cute !
    Hope a great day was had, and you gots lotsa nice things !

    From yet, another fellow Gemini !

  4. It was my brothers birthday yesterday as well!!!

    Happy Birthday Brian.

  5. So Sweet!! Hope his day is a special one. And you know what......his shirt reminds me of scrapbooking paper. (Love the doodle swirls......LOL ;) )

    I was just checking out some cool scrappy blogs when I came across yours. Very nice. I'm sure I'll be back to visit again soon.


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