Sunday, March 11, 2007

cybercrop creativity

well we have our 2nd cybercrop this weekend over at FA and i have got in the zone, i guess with a cold there is nothing else i wanted to do. so i have managed these 3 so far, still have the alter it challenge to go.
here is what i have done so far.

Challenge #1 Clothing Inspiration no chipboard stamps and hidden journalling

Floating in the RAYS of LIGHT

The butterfly contains a basicgrey negative magnet within the layers and the positive magnet is under the photo - so that the butterfly appears to fly, but can be removed to reveal hidden journaling on the back of the butterfly.

Hidden Journaling reads:
I don't know where when or how, but i remember being a small child, it is possible that it was not long after the death of my favourite nanna. That i remember driving in the car somewhere early in the morning and seeing beautiful light rays shining through the clouds above and below, and saying to my mum "mum do you think thats nanna floating to heaven".I don't recall her response. But ever since whenever i see a sunset or sunrise that has those amazing rays shining up and down, i stop and often think of all those souls and angels that are floating up to heaven. This is one of those wonderful sunsets caught on fathersday 2006

Challenge # 2 K.I.S.S - Keep it Scrapped Simple


• K is for Keepsake (treasured antique handed down from my MIL)
• I is for ink (used ink to smudge over sanding on chipboard to give a more aged timber look)
• S is for stamp (making memories dingbat)
• S is for sewing (machine stitched on calico before writing a letter to my mother in law who has passed away)

Hidden journaling - is a letter to my mother in law who passed away late last year leaving me this cupboard in her will - its about the secrets i believed it to hold, and what i found. Its also about wondering wether i will one day have a relationship with a daughter in law the way we did. and the secrets i will now reveal to the cupboard.

Challenge #3 sketch challenge pastels, doodling and flowers


Sketch (altered to fit more pics at a smaller size)Pastels (all soft shades with a bit brighter ribbon flower)

doodling (my stitching lines on the joins of my pictures are doodled besides the doodle style basicgrey stirp down the centre of the page)

Flowers (creativity punched from calico with sizzix then painted some)

hope your weekends creative - am off to make a cheesecake from kylie's recipe share in the forum then finish the bonus challenge, and some other work that i will only be able to share sneeks of.

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