Friday, March 09, 2007

great minds think alike

i have so been in the creating zone of late - and this year is definately begining to be much better than last year.

brian and i were having a conversation over a layout lastnight and also my output and my attitude - and he said that i was really there -the big comment was the fact that i can print at home when the creative juice strikes - and how much our investment into the epson photo r800 was a good choice. even though times were tough when we got it last year. and its only taken me like 6 months to finally get it happening.

well with that said i am doing my blog travels this morning and who but heidi is on our wave length oh its so good!!!!!!

I am so thankful for my EPSON R1800, cause I am just printing
whatever I
need in different sizes right here on the spot…I love that. And the
are really beautiful!Makes this power-scrapbooking so much
ok so i have the smaller version - but hey it works for me - and I LOVE IT on that note off to print some pics for tonights challenges in our cybercrop

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