Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Perfect holiday bliss

perfect end to the holidays - awesome waves at the pool yesterday and shock horror i got over my water and camera fear and took it along - hear are the results - some awesome pics of where we have been relaxing everyday this summer holiday - ah just bliss and today it was just amazing the water was so clear, just perfect.

This is where we have been doing our laps

these are some of the waves - i was entranced by so relaxing (just what i needed)

This is one of my favourite ones of dylan, he was on top of the world yesterday its not often he is home from school without bianca unless of course he is unwell. But yesterday he had the extra day of school, and needless to say it was a perfect morning, he got to have just us totally to him, we swam and played at the beach then had breakfast on the boardwalk, before coming home, even giving him chores (raking the lawn he did with pleasure with the music pumping), then he helped brian do some rendering on a wall, before we took him back to the beach for another swim. All in all we all had a great last day of the holidays.

so now that its all quiet on the home front - with the children back at school, i can post more often perhaps.

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