Tuesday, January 23, 2007

bad blogger

Well its all due to the wonderful summer holiday feeling we are all encompased in. I am finding it hard to believe that in only 7 days - we will be struggling to get back to a routine, my life is anything but routine.

But it will be back to school, for the kids which will mean no more late night movies that lead to the wonderful lie ins and hot cooked breakfasts which we have all been enjoying. This was one of my goals, this holidays, that all though we weren't going to be getting away for a holiday, i wanted the kids to really enjoy the time at home, so we have been hitting the ocean pool almost every day, we all look nice and healthy with a wonderful summer glow.
I have also been creating, but just haven't got into the sharing straight away.
so here is what i have been doing over the passed few weeks,
Friday 12th January late night cropping with Janet and managed this cute layout
- i love dimmensional magic at the moment, and it looks fantastic on the painted chipboard
Then a spur of the moment beading session lead to these creations even following a recipe from a beading book - cluster bracelets and matching earings.
20th January was my 12 hour crop and i seemed to be on a role for me -finished of my pages in Natalies Circle Journal
and this double page layout Boxing Day Lunch - based on a sketch from BasicGrey for January.

and then got in and completed this - us too DAD layout for one of the cybercrop challenges for the 123 Cybercrop and have been doing a little embroidery too, alas no pictures on this yet.

Yesterday i headed off to do some visiting and cropping with michelle W and michelle S from my design team, well the kids had fun swimming and feeding the ducks, geese and being chased, but i just couldn't get my head around the scrapping till i got home. As i am working on the 123 cybercrop challenges i just found i needed to be at home with my supplies and my space. Here is what came of my scrapping started yesterday and finished today after a horrid 2& 1/2 hours in a dentist chair i have come away with a filling and a orthodontal band on one of my back teeth so i am working to distract myself.

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  1. you certainly have been scrapping up a storm there Sonia. glad to hear you have been enjoying the holidays spending it with your family and relaxing


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