Thursday, January 11, 2007

big catch up

Well its been a while where do i start how about today and work back - so perhaps its a good time to go get a coffee then sit back and you can catch up with me on my life.

Thursday 11th Jan

big sleep in, then brunch made by the kids - wow i love that they are grown up and cooking for us now its very sweet. as long as you ignore the little yelling sessions from the older sister to the younger brother part.

Then off to the beach for a swim in the ocean pools - our daily jaunt this summer and we are all loving it -

home for a shower and then wow what do you know time to crack down and do the emailing, invoicing and web work that has been forgotten for the wonderful weather and well summer break - i am really enjoying this january.

Wednesday 10th Jan
wake up at mums - with my sister and neices there we all had breakfast outside - showers then off to a sewing friend of mums for a bit of hand sewing unprepared i was i managed to sketch up a little embroidery on some snavelled fabric from Evelyn then sat and did some sewing, tea and scones yummm - freshly baked date ones with butter - oh boy!

home to mums for a bite of lunch before heading home. long drive when you have tummy cramps - not feeling so well so the kids had to forfiet the swim while i had a rest - note sure why i wasn't feeling well -

Tuesday 9th Jan
Decided a visit to mums - to sort out some of my baby photos was in order - but alas my sister and neices heard of our visit and well it ended up a shopping day - got me some nice cheap beads for a bit of the beading work that i am loving at the moment. home to mums for some lunch then, a few drinks and we sat back and watched The World's Fastest Indian - awesome movie loved it - even shed a tear or two - then we opened the champagne - argued over wether it was too early to put a chicken on to roast at 4pm and well the chicken never went in the oven so when my dad and brother in law arrived home at 5.30 it was decided the local chinese was where we were going for dinner, home and watched some tv crap with mum and dad - the nieces and nephew all slept outside in mum and dads van - surprise surprise they all slept.

Monday 8th Jan
Went for our swim - oh boy it was so cold - only managed one lap it was just so cold.

Sunday 7th Jan
Beading day - had a couple of friends over and we made some necklaces all inspired by Tiffany's that she wore hear on friday.
Saturday 6th Jan
12 hour crop in the studio - tiffany, robyn and wendy joined me - we had a blast - worked on my 123 challenge january layout - really had fun - nice company made for a pleasant day.

I created my layout with inspiration from the pagemaps january sketch and the requirements for the challenge "Main FOCUS on journalling, Lots of chipboard and Fabric" with this i got the idea to cover my chipboard with the fabric - had fun with this page, it was nice to scrap again
Friday 5th Jan

power planning with tiffany for saturdays 12 hour

janet popped in for a cuppa - after being inspired by tiffany's necklace we planned a shopping and beading day for sunday

Swimming and dinner at the beach - well we managed to have the dinner part - but mr sewerage man (aka my loving husband ) wouldn't let us swim he didn't like the look of the ocean pool water. but dinner was lovely.

Thursday 4th Jan
housework and cleaning

Wednesday 3rd Jan

Tuesday 2nd Jan

Monday 1st Jan

Sunday 31st Dec

quiet day really - not to into the celebrating mood - but alas our neighbours decided to change that with a knock on the door at 11pm - come and celebrate with us - after we had just all decided to go to bed - but no we joined the neighbours and drank with them to the new year and watched the fireworks on the big screen (55") and didn't get to bed till almost 3am - glad we did.

going back further its pretty much swimming each day, with a bit of beading and some movies thrown in.

Boxing Day - lunch with friends, roast pork, lots of nibbles, lots of drinking, lots of games, lots of fun.

Christmas day - amazing family time - enjoyed by all

and the remaining time was making gifts.

This canvas was for my Sister - it is rather large about 20" x 10" canvas which i painted with a cream paint before using chipboard as masks and spraying with a light coat of metalic gold paint. finished off with lots of rub-on words and swirls.

These are a couple of the little bags that i made they are a sewing pouch that hangs over the side of the couch only one of them has the patchwork pocket on the inside - after i realised how much work was involved.This little red bag was made using the similar design as the above bags but made for a teenage friend - cute little red bag.

This about catches me up. happy bloggin.

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