Monday, December 18, 2006

The Weekend + Monday & Lists

Saturday - it was nice to actually be organised for a change, the day went smoothly, with mum & dad arriving mid afternoon with hang overs mind you - a little contradictory for them to be advising their grandaughter on drinking and parties when they both were under the weather from the work do the night before. I of course had no sympathy for either of them - self inflicted christmas merriment is all there own issue.
Street Party - although the rain tried the night was a success - it was really nice to be finally in the mood and celebrating with family and friends. My gifts for all the kids - perfect blowup soccerballs - just a tad smaller than a beach ball - had all the parents blowing them up (better than any breath test, lot's of air was needed) were just a blast. Our regular Cricket game was a laugh - sorry no pics here and well bianca took the camera and she had her favourites as you can see not so many varied pics but the ones we got were great.
A big surprise was to see the open fire burning at a christmas in december party. But the night was pleasant and the rain held off - with the open fire came sparklers - and we were all in awe!!!
Had to share some of our lights - this is the glowing neon (allmost kebab shop glow) so we even had some drive-by light perusers.
Party goers started to dwindle around 11ish and we were cleaned up and in bed by midnight - not one of our late ones but we didnt stop here.

Keeping tradition we had a street breakfast in the morning, and well it was a perfect day to just hang out - lots of waterpistols came out and the water fights began - then with grown ups popping in and out, vege trips for some awesome cherries, lawns got mowed and before we new it we were doing lunch too.
Before all heading to our respective homes for a little R & R - we watched Happy Feet - beautiful movie although i think brian and i appreciated the music more than the kids.
Afternoon saw us playing in the street again with a big game of volleyball - all in all a awesome weekend.
All in all a great summer weekend - this is the begining of holiday fun - i love the late afternoons sharing the kids enjoyment of playing together, although my two are the eldest in the street, they tolerate the little ones and get them playing together, its what i love about summer and being in a small cul-de-sac!

With today being a good day of up early - got the list thing happening and ITS ALL GOOD
* Ironing
* Newsletter completed and uploaded to web
* accupuncture appointment
* christmas list making over coffee
* shopping of said list
* purchased another christmas decoration - although i was roused on by teenager daughter - "no more mum"
* lunch
* Email out notice of newsletter available to download
*Organise bianca for full body xray appointment - of which they forgot the slip so then i had to be the good mum of phoning and then scanning and emailing out.
*visit from michelle - got wonderful present - isn't she pretty!

*organise dinner
*off to plan tomorrows sewing projects and scrapping projects for the last 5 gifts.
Happy Monday to you all!!!

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