Thursday, December 07, 2006

big week

Why is it so hard to make a good habit but so easy to break it??
it seems i was doing so well - but alas last thursday night i got so in the creative zone that i forgot to upload my work - but here it is to share - don't they look cute and well the posty would have been impressed too with the bright red and green sparkly envelopes that they went out in.
I definately got into the christmas spirit.

Friday i then went out for a lovely harbour cruise luncheon and the weather was perfect for just floating along on the waves - i even managed and extra hour on board the ship, then followed it with a ferry trip with my mum and a trip to my favourite me splurge max brenner iced chocolate and a strawberry dip - yummm perfect end to a wonderful day.
Saturday - and out came the camera - i snapped away with the kids and santa - and it was just amazing i love doing this for everyone, and i know santa enjoy's it too!
Here are a few of the pics - i hope you enjoy them too!!!

Santa's shopping list will include tumble driers and snowy puppies just to name a few of the more original ideas.

After the weekend just a little more christmas spirit built in our house enough to begin the inside decorating so out came the tree on monday, with bianca home from school we have certainly been busy, decorating and shopping, with trips to ikea as well as the mall - i have finally made a start on my list, last night i even got talked into doing a late christmas cake - so it will be in the oven tomorrow.
But alas with tidying in the studio and shoppers stopping in for christmas gifts - i didnt' get to create today - but it will happen in the next few days with christmas gifts a priority.

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